Where’s My Power?

January 6, 2023
Chris Burnett

A question I am often asked in readings is “Where’s my power?” Usually followed by “Do I even have power?” 
Do you have power? One thing I believe is that everyone has power of some sort. You just have to know what it is. Then you have to believe in it because if you don’t, who will? 
Another truth is that anyone who has power has worked for it. First off, they wanted it. Then they developed and polished it through work, and finally they believed in it! Typically, one starts out with baby steps in the development of their power and then work tirelessly to support and mold it into their own unique power. 
I remember reading that Billy Graham, an extremely successful preacher, practiced an inordinate number of hours out in the fields and woods to develop his powerful, believable delivery. Without all that practice would he have been as successful or powerful? Of course not. He developed his voice and message until he believed in it and became comfortable with it. 
I was born psychic and always wanted to be a psychic, but couldn’t seem to get it together to be a practicing psychic until my spirit guides came into meditation in my latter thirties to tell me it was time for me to buckle down and work with them. Even then I had to work thousands of hours in meditation over a few years to develop the focus that is the foundation of my psychic readings.  
Where is your power you ask? How do you even know what it is? We talk about power as if it is a distant thing that is difficult to grab hold of and maybe even more difficult to hold on to. And it can be! We see others who appear to possess their power effortlessly and we believe they do this is an easy manner as if they never had to work for it. But anyone with any kind of power worked for it! This bears repeating over and over. Yes, they may have been born with a sense of power that they don’t question, but whatever they are doing to showcase this power had to be believed in, developed and practiced. 
And finally, we get to the question…how do you find your power? And where? Then, you have to ask yourself if you are willing to put in the work to develop and believe in it? Are you willing to put in the effort? Are you willing to believe in yourself? Are you willing to step up and do the work to develop and possess your power? Are you willing to possibly make mistakes and have to start over again with even more determination? Because this is what so many of the powerful people had to do and still have to do. Make no mistake, power always has to be maintained.
Eric Clapton, one of the most gifted guitar players, often said that he had absolutely no life for many years growing up because he stayed in his bedroom and practiced the guitar! What did he give up to become the star that he is?  
We tend to think everything comes easy to those who are gifted, but that is not true. Everyone has to practice. Look at the celebrated sports stars. They have to practice tirelessly year after year, never giving up because there is always someone nipping at their heels. 
There have been a lot of readings over the years in which people are looking for their power and have no idea where it lies. Power is a funny thing in that it means different things to different people. One person might find it in their voice, in being able to speak up or speak out because so far in their life they have not been able to.  Another might find it in a sport or in their business career. Excelling in just about anything could be considered power. Kindness is a wonderful power. Anything that can be practiced and polished is a power. 
Quite often one’s power is in the voice, for it is the power to speak up, the power to state what it is you desire in life. The power to say no or yes. The power to show one’s authority is often found in the voice. We project most of what we are as individuals through our voice. We often look in awe at those who authoritatively stand and speak, not afraid to show their power. Did that come natural to them or did they take steps in learning to speak up? Most of us take baby steps in learning anything at all. Even the most gifted still have to practice to stay sharp.
Read the personal story of any powerful individual and see how they learned to craft their power and/or voice step by step. Can the rest of us build ourselves the same way, step by step, and come into the power we desire? Yes, if we are willing to work. And that is the key. What we are willing to work for? 
Take a minute now and ask yourself where you might find your power? Pay attention to whatever it is that comes into your mind. Don’t automatically discount whatever comes up. Be willing to think about it. Think about how much you want it and how much effort you are willing to put in to attaining it. 
Which brings us to the subject of the absolute power of affirmations, which I believe with total conviction. Take for instance the affirmation: “I love my power!” Repeat that statement a few times and see how you resonate with it. Repeat it for a few weeks or months and see how different you feel. The funny thing about affirmations is that you will resonate with those that strike the chord of truth within. When something is not your truth it will simply feel flat.  
Everyone has some measure of power within. Everyone! So, the affirmation “I love my power” is going to resonate with everyone. Say it often enough and you will find that you actually start thinking you might have some power and then you will find your power reveals itself to you if you keep working with this affirmation. 
Life is a funny thing. It is the psychology of self that rules the self and that can be a very tricky. The majority of us do not know our inner workings to the degree that we could or should, and we don’t have to. But if we are not sitting easy because there is something we want or some kind of change we desire, then we need to work on that. And the easiest way is by affirmations. It takes diligence because you are only going to get out of something what you are willing to put into it. And that bears repeating! We are only going to get out of something what we are willing to put into it. 
I always say I like the me who does affirmations better than the me who never did. I have been working with them for over twenty-five years now and still do them on a daily basis. Yes, it is a constant battle to overcome who I am and the path that I have followed, but through the power of affirmations, I believe I have had a better life and will continue the practice of them probably until the day I die. 

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