Why get a reading from Chris Burnett?

Sometimes in life we all need help in making a decision or in knowing which way to go. Understanding situations or answering our own personal life questions can be not only difficult, but confusing. This is where your own Spirit Guides come in handy! They will offer direction, understanding and accurate information about you and your life.

I am an authentic psychic, gifted at birth with psychic ability that allows me to literally see and speak to Spirit Guides. And during your reading I will speak to your spirit guides who know you better than anyone else, therefore offer the best advice.

Every reading is a blessing in many ways, some seen and some unseen. The Spirit Guides bring energy to every reading and we don’t always know what they have gifted us with energetically. 

What we are able to achieve through talking to Spirit can be absolutely amazing and quite often life changing.

The benefits that come from clarity and deeper understanding of one’s own life are priceless and these our Spirit Guides excel in offering.

Please know that all readings are confidential. They are recorded free of charge and sent to you via email.

Some of the benefits of working with Chris

Answers/Clarification…any subject matter at all

Empowerment…through clarity and understanding

Decision making…the guides help immensely in making any decision for any area of life

RelationshipsLove life…understanding any relationship at all including lovers, children, friends, etc

Comfort and healing…as spirit excels in

Understanding…we could really boil “why get a reading” down to understanding something, no matter the subject

Speaking to the deceased…speaking to those who have crossed over

Life Path…why are you here in this life? where are you headed?

Children…understanding your children and the path they are on

Pets…those who are still here but also those who have passed

Past Lives…often helpful in understanding this life