Chris specializes in the different types of readings listed below.  Each has its own distinct purpose and will help you feel growth and connection to yourself and Spirit. Please see the following descriptions to help you decide which type of reading best suits your current needs.

All readings can be done either in person or over the phone. Each reading will be digitally recorded free of charge and emailed to you.

Higher Self Reading

Sometimes in life we need help in making a decision or in knowing which way to go. In this reading a line of communication will be opened between you and your Higher Self, someone who knows you better than anyone! This is the all-purpose reading to get when you have questions about anything at all, or wish to speak to someone who has passed over.

Areas that may be covered include:

  • Relationships and love life
  • Life Path and destiny
  • Past lives
  • Speaking to deceased
  • Career and finances
  • Health questions*
  • Your childhood (understanding/healing)
  • Pet readings
  • Energy and chakra scans

*When addressing medical questions medical advice is not dispensed, nor encouraged…psychic readings are not meant to replace doctors.



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1/2 Hour


15 minutes

Shaman Reading

The Shaman specializes in opening and releasing the third eye and brain, vital to relieving stress and moving into new direction.

This reading greatly expands your consciousness as you receive their transformative, oft times healing energy. The Shaman and the other Spirit Guides will separate your consciousness from your body (think astral travel) and your consciousness will then travel to the other Guides who work in synchronicity with the Shaman.

Because of the depths of expanded consciousness reached in the Shaman reading, it is best to get the Higher Self reading if you have a lot of questions.

Be aware that these Shaman readings can become quite deep, almost intimate, but also be aware of how powerful they are and how they are able to bring about change.

Know that your truth will surface as you enter the deep, expanded consciousness of this reading and you will be granted a marvelous look at what is going on deep within you.

It can be difficult to move on in life if you don’t know what is going on inside and that is what the Shaman readings offer…both truth and movement.

You will receive the same psychic reading no matter which reading you choose. However, there is less talk on your part in the energy reading. The Shaman Reading typically lasts 60-75 minutes.



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Warrior Reading

The Warrior Reading is a Native American ceremonial reading designed to take you to depths that are extremely difficult to reach without the specially designed aid of the Spirit Guides.  These ceremonies will typically reveal your purpose and your strengths, along with possibly removing barriers that keep you in a static position. Each ceremony is uniquely specific to the person receiving the reading. They will be extremely deep and time consuming, lasting about one and a half hours, perhaps a touch more, most of that time spent going deeper and deeper with various Guides helping along the way.

For years Chris has gone through ceremonies in meditation with the Native American Guides, ceremonies that were healing and personally revealing. Now she is deeply honored to be part of these readings in which others may experience their own ceremonies.

As with all other readings, this too may be done either in person or over the phone. Either way, the session will be digitally recorded, which is sent to you via email.



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Psychic Development Reading

The Psychic Development Reading is a very deep journey with the Guides into your intuitive center where they will open and activate whatever needs to be. Along with your psychic reading, you will receive deep consciousness energy from the Guides as they work on you. They will explain how to keep everything open and active, along with how to further develop, which is typically not complicated. Just takes intent and willingness to practice what the Guides suggest as homework.

For those interested in developing their own intuition and psychic abilities. For further information please click on the following link, Psychic Development Reading, which will take you to the page.



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Our Lady Reading

“Our Lady” appeared to Chris in meditation one day to announce that she would also conduct energy/healing readings. She let Chris know that she would be referred to as “Our Lady.”

She is a very special appearance with as high a consciousness as Chris ever sees in a reading…truly a blessing energy. Quite often in the middle of one of her readings she will naturally be referred to as “Mother.”

Chris often says that her magnificent presence is an honor to witness and be part of.

Like all of the energy readings, you will receive your psychic reading along with energy that she brings specifically for you.


typical sesson 60 minutes

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One Question Reading

The ever-popular One (1) Question Reading will be answered by your Higher Self and BY EMAIL only.

The question should be a one-part question and can be any type at all, such as “Why was I born?” “Will I find my true love?” “Is this person right for me?” “Should I open this business?” “How can I get along with my boss?”

Questions will be answered within a day or two and again, the reply will be by email only.

Once you have paid, you can email Chris at with your question. Thank you!


flat fee

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House & Land Clearing

Don’t we all hope for a home and/or building filled with beautiful energy? No leftovers from anyone or anything else? No ghosts/entities or weird energies hanging around?

Luckily, with the help of the Spirit Guides it is a simple process, not to mention a joy to help the ghosts return to the light should there be any.

After the homes are cleared, the session will be ended with the Spirit Guides performing a blessing on the home and land.

Two ways Chris can do this reading. One is by sending the physical address and she will do the work in her meditation space with the Spirit Guides. A detailed report will then be sent via email concerning the clearing and what is found and cleansed.

The second option is to purchase this reading and specify that you would rather do the clearing over the phone so that you can listen in.


flat fee

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