“I’ve experienced an ineffable amount of growth working with Chris in the past year. Each Shaman reading is uniquely different, yet builds upon the work from the last. I feel the benefits from the work of the Shamans weeks and months after our session together. Without a doubt, this work has been a catalyst in my Spiritual journey and benefited all aspects of my life profoundly. I have found these so valuable that I give them as gifts to my friends seeking direction on their own Spiritual paths, and they have absolutely loved them! Chris’ ability has been at the heart of the profound success and peace that has come into my life. Thank you Chris-you are loved!

S. J. E., Utah

"Her connection and intuitive capabilities far exceed expectations making her a true gift to those with whom she works."
Salt Lake City, UT

“She cleared the negative energy from the home and I immediately noticed that all my showings were more positively received.” 
I am a real estate agent in Boston and I had a property that was languishing on the market during an otherwise very busy season. I came to Chris in hopes of her helping in a way that I could not. She cleared the negative energy from the home and I immediately noticed that all my showings were more positively received. Better yet, the home went under agreement within a few days and it closed at a near-record price. I have already recommended her services to a number of agents in the Boston area!”

N. H., Top Producing Realtor, Boston, MA

“Last year I got a merchant stone from Chris, which she charged up to help grow my business, which at that point was pretty low. After receiving the crystal (citrine wand) from her, business boomed and has been growing ever since. Prior to that, I had a reading with Chris and she helped me better understand myself and my true direction in life via my higher self. I would highly recommend her readings and obtaining a merchant stone from her if you are looking to grow your business.”

C.G., Boston, MA

The reading was more accurate than what I had hoped for. She is very professional, on time and personable. I was very pleased and impressed on what she tapped into with me. There were things I had not even thought about consciously that she knew and then explained how to move forward with.  I will definitely be seeing her again in the near future!”

D.W., VA

Chris, I wanted to email you to confirm something you told me about a year ago. My wife (then girlfriend) and I came to see you and we each did a 30 minute Higher Self Reading. At the time my wife was trying to get pregnant, but it was not working. I had tried before to get pregnant in my first marriage and had spent about $30,000 in fertility treatments and had no thoughts of trying again! When we met with you, you said that I would be the one to birth the baby and that it would be a boy. At the time, we didn’t think that could happen because I had sworn off ever trying again. But then my aunt offered to pay for me to try one last time, so I did, and I am now pregnant!! And we just found out Saturday that is is a boy! We are so excited.”

Best wishes…B

“Chris, the Shaman Reading was profoundly healing and intensely powerful. The most stubborn and stagnant blockages are becoming untethered. What is unraveling and happening for me since the Shaman Reading I had with you and the elders that visited is beyond what I could have ever anticipated in my mind. Profoundly healing and intensely powerful. The most stubborn and stagnant blockages are becoming untethered and i am letting go in areas I didn’t even realize I was gripping so tightly. I am truly mesmerized. It has been quite challenging because the tendency is to want to resist sometimes, but the impetus to surrender is so much easier lately and I meld into a space of calm and peace so gracefully. Am so excited to feel myself awakening on such a deep level! Your work in the world is powerfully needed and I am in reverence and gratitude for your service and the service of the beloved medicine beings that so lovingly tended to me.”


As I always say “She is the real deal”. Thanks Chris for all you do for me and for guiding me in my spiritual life. I have been a client of Chris Burnett for years and enjoyed the many readings I have received that are accurate and thought provoking. Recently I sold my home that I live in, and Chris cleared it for me and it sold in 4 days time. I love this additional service that she offers. I flip homes and now she has cleared my most recent home and it is under contract in less than two weeks. I had a stubborn female spirit in that home and she cleared it and said “how happy my home is now”. I can’t stress enough how Chris can assist you in your life and in your home. 

L.A. Va. Beach, VA

“Chris, forgive me for taking so long to send this email. You did a Shaman Healing with me in Jan., my first reading of any kind. I was very moved by the whole experience. I didn’t go back and listen to the recording again until tonight because I was trying to soak up the reading and decide how to apply all this new knowledge in my life. I just wanted you to know how touched I was by the reading. It was as if you literally reached inside of me and pulled out things that had been hiding…things I had felt but could not explain. I just wanted to thank you because it was like I had been waiting my entire life for someone to say “its okay, you are okay” and I didn’t even know it until I heard it from you and the Shaman. Thank you Chris, I cannot adequately express my gratitude.”

"Chris was wonderful! I felt the weight of the world lift off of my shoulders after our reading. She had the answers to things that I had always wondered about. I wish I could have found her years ago! I can’t recommend her enough!"

“Just wanted to give you some feedback…after the Shaman reading I swear I felt a foot taller. Today I noticed it again. Walking down the street I feel taller, like almost off balance because of being taller. I feel wobbly almost. Strange…also my right hip released-waiting for the shoulder to follow suit. I feel energy coming back a little more.”

D.H. Alexandria, VA

“Chris howdy, I am writing you this email because it is important to me that you know how I feel about our relationship. I remember a few years ago when Amnna brought you into her life. She had a couple readings from you before I did and she professed to me how much your talents had assisted her.

I remember after our first reading (Warrior reading) thinking to myself that it was really grand and that it was different than any other type of reading I had ever experienced. I had the awareness to put two and two together on how the things you shared with me came about affecting my life. So I had another reading. and another. and another, and here we are.

My approach to our readings is that they are a part of my spiritual practice as I listen to them over and over again. Usually there is a day or so wait for the initial integration to anchor in. I would estimate I have listened to our last session together about a dozen times now. the information you impart, if used with awareness, is an amazing transformative tool.

By listening to the recordings, i am able to immerse myself in the energy over and over again which assists me in anchoring in and maintaining the always evolving energies that I work with in my daily practices. Each time I listen to our readings I hear and integrate the energy and concepts more fully than the times before. Eventually, I integrate enough, the floodgates open, and the rest flows in, and I am now that energy. Once completed, my name magically appears on your caller id.

So I shall end with I APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH for dining at my table. Five years ago I never would have thought your gifts would be such a delicious part of my spiritual evolution. and they definitely are! love, love, love… dessert, dessert, dessert.


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“Wow, I have to tell you what I have experienced (after reading). I do intuitive energy work and I just finished with a client. It was so amazing to work with the Holy Man (from reading)…he has opened up a clairaudient gift that I never have been able to tap into before now. It has made the healing easier on my physical body. Maybe that is what they were talking about yesterday with the taking of the human body memories. What a gift you have given to me! Thank you.

A.L. Charlotte, NC

“I have had many readers over the years and Chris is the “real deal.” I would put her at the top of the list. Not only has she taken me back into my past, she has led me through present day and into the future. Chris did a wonderful spiritual healing that freed my body of blockages and helped restore my energy. Thanks to Chris my Guides are working overtime.”

Fran, Blue Ridge Mountain, NC

“Chris Burnett has the unique gift to dive rapidly into the heart of what we need to know to follow our path. Her connection and intuitive capabilities far exceed expectations making her a true gift to those with whom she works. Chris’ ability to articulate and convey the work of the Shaman in the Shaman Cavern Reading and Warrior’s Journey Reading were concise, loving, forthright, and fortuitous. I have never before met anyone who has a gift with such depth and breadth. She is a delight and blessing to all who have the opportunity to engage with her. I will be forever grateful for the insight provided to me by Chris. Thank you Chris! Much love and light to you for sharing your gift with us.”

J. Salt Lake City, UT

“Chris Burnett is a gifted intuitive and healer. Her work is strengthened by her openness to Spirit and her willingness to act as a conduit of information from Spirit to those on the earth plane. I have recently had a most wonderful healing session facilitated by Chris through the Shaman Reading. As a counselor, it is rare for me to refer clients to a “psychic” It is truly a testament to Chris’integrity and gifts that I have, and will continue to refer people who I know will benefit from her gifts!”

Barbara W., LCPC

Chris Burnett is the “real deal.” I’ve said it for years and I will continue to. Time and time again things I’m struggling with get addressed in readings and it’s a relief to get insight from the Guides/my Higher Self. If you have the opportunity to get a reading with her, do! You’ll be glad you did.
Abby H
San Diego, CA

“Chris’ readings and healings have been amazing! I have experienced profound messages that have manifested almost immediately, at times the readings have been the “voice” that encouraged me take the step I was hesitant to take in making a decision. The readings are often a description of what I had dreamt earlier, or the description of what my intuition was telling me. Her readings were a clarification and/or manifestation of them. May the Universe and its Divine Intelligence continue to be made manifest through Chris’ readings and healings.”

KG, Lenox, MA

“Thanks Chris, for all the readings I have had with you. I have learned a lot from them and continue to grow because of them. I have had the Higher Self readings along with a Shaman reading and highly recommend both of them. Thanks from my many friends that you have helped. They say the readings have changed their lives, which is so wonderful to hear. They have more happiness and deeper understanding of themselves. I look forward to talking to you again…great job!”

L.A., VA

“Chris’ readings have greatly impacted my ability to reconnect with my soul….especially the Shaman readings! So much has been revealed in the present, from the past, and for the future. She has a special gift and a special talent for turning questions into answers, thus opening the heart and mind to possibilities. Chris, thanks for the re-awakening!!!”

B.D. Memphis, TN

Dear Chris, Thank you for the reading. It revealed pretty much who I am and your sources, of another dimension, read me well. Please use this as a testimonial to your gift of bringing in the other side to guide me on in life. Your energy and mine seemed to connect. I found you on the Expo web site and was drawn to have you read me. The three hour wait was worth it.”

Angelo, FL

“Having had different types of readings from coast to coast in this Country (USA), the Shaman Reading by Chris is without question the most outstanding in DEPTH and BREADTH that one can experience. It is TRUE SHAMAN working with Chris. EXTRAORDINARY!!”
Raleigh, NC
“Hi Chris – I had a reading with you on September 19th and wanted to touch base. I have listened to the recording many times, always hearing something new or in a different way. The subtle changes I am feeling grow stronger every day – I feel so “connected” to spirit and the guides you told me about. Sometimes I feel as though I’m in a bit of a la-la land, but always connected to spirit. The automatic writing is so empowering for me, although I am clearly only the vessel. What a lovely experience – being with you. What a gift you have – and what a gift you are! Thank you. Love, B.C.“
 “Hi Chris, I have been meaning to write to you for some time now, since our first Shaman reading took place a couple of weeks back. I want to thank you from the depths of my soul for aiding in such an incredible, life altering reading with the Shamans! My life has taken quite a dramatic & positive turn since that evening. So much was revealed that helped to answer so many questions I had not up until that point had answers for. The energy healing did wonders in clearing up so much stagnant energy! And the bone that was removed from my throat!! Wow! I still can’t believe the marked difference everytime I swallow and notice that bulging lump is gone. Truly amazing! I’m very excited. Thank you again for all that you do, for helping others to recover that which was lost and for doing it with so much love and gentility. I will contact you again soon because I would love to do a Higher Self reading and most likely another Shamanic Reading Again, thank you very much. With love & light, 
Hi Chris. I know you speak to so many people,so you may not remember me. I just wanted to let you know that I have been on a roller coaster for the last year and a half since my first reading with you. I knew you had to be the one I needed to speak with. You probably don’t remember the reading, but I will never forget it, nor the ones I have had since. The reading was a wake up call and has directed me back to my path. I speak to my teacher, my sensei, everyday and even though life has been hard, so many changes, highs and lows, crying spells and exhilerating moments….I know I’m shifting…in the right direction… and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, I’m on my way….Thank you Chris for everything, for being the such a gift to all of us…..I am truly grateful…With love, A.”
“Hi Chris, Last month you did a reading for me. Ever since my Indian guide healed my throat and chest I have had some wonderful changes. Prior to that I had heartburn and acid reflex daily. Since then I have only experienced it once. It is such a relief to go to bed and not have to worry about waking up suddenly unable to breathe. I have also enrolled in a massage therapy class. I considered taking massage therapy a few years ago and decided now was the perfect time to learn. When you mentioned I was a healer in a past life it made sense to me. When I was a child and people asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I always said I wanted to help people. I didn’t know how but that was always my answer. I believe massage therapy is a step in the right direction. If it is meant to be maybe I will be a healer in the future.”

Jean, Orland0