The Healing Promise

January 28, 2023
Chris Burnett

You can heal!

That is exactly what my spirit guides said to me when they unexpectedly appeared in my meditation many years ago to jumpstart my journey into healing. And because of an extremely abusive childhood I had a lot to heal and a lot to learn in order to move on from it. 
I was in my latter thirties when the spirit guides surprised me in meditation one day and said it was time to go to work. And work we did! Hour after hour, day after day. The most amazing thing to me is that within a couple weeks, I noticed positive changes and from then on never looked back! Probably the most important piece they taught me was how to move out of the past and into the present moment where all kinds of possibilities lived.
Though working with the guides was fun and exciting, it was also difficult. Anytime we do personal healing work it can be tough because all of our “stuff” comes up, but it is the only way to get out of those deep ruts. Know that if you want to heal, you will work for it because it won’t happen through wishful thinking. I can testify to that.
One of the first things they taught me was to believe in myself. As they often said, “If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? If you don’t work on yourself, who will?” You know the answer is no one. The same applies to healing. If you don’t heal yourself, who will? No one.  
You have to do your own healing work, period. Others can assist, but you will find you are the one who will do the brunt of the work. It is much easier to stay stuck in life, rather than do the work to heal, but staying stuck in the past is incredibly poisonous, so why do it? 

You cannot erase or change the past. You can only accept it and move on.

You cannot erase of change your past! This is a truth set in stone. If you cannot accept this truth, chances are you won’t heal because we remain stuck in what we cannot accept. The absolute reality is that your past will never change. It will always be there, and no one is going to go back with you and make it right or take away the hurt. What was done was done. And now it is time to get over it! You have to be able to let it go and move your focus into the present moment because this is where healing begins.

You cannot whine and claim your strength at the same time.

Grandmother, my favorite spirit guide often said, “You cannot whine and claim your strength at the same time.” If I had sat in meditation with my guides and continued to whine week after week, I would still be lost in my past and my guides would probably have walked. I most certainly would not be in the power of the present moment where I have discovered more happiness and strength. Although I do admit that it took far longer than it should have to quit my tendency to whine!

The past is a great big black hole.

Grandmother spirit guide also said over and over in our work that the past is a great big black hole that sucks us in every time we look back.  It’s a never changing energy that keeps us swirling in its prison, a prison that we have to escape from in order to heal. But how do we escape? By keeping our focus in the present moment of course! 
It bears repeating: We have to bring our awareness into the present moment where we will discover our power and light instead of drowning it in a past that never changes. There is always hope of change in the present, but never will change be found in the past as the past is set in stone. It happened. The quicker you get over that the better off you will be.
We know that moving out of the past, especially traumatic events, can be difficult, but also extremely rewarding!

No one else will do your healing work for you.

Yes, this truth is worth bringing up again. No one else will do your healing work for you. Healing is tedious, no doubt about that, and difficult because it brings up all your “stuff”. But it is the most rewarding work you will ever do as it brings more positive into the life and who doesn’t need more positive? 
The spirit guides also say that healing is possible no matter how long we have been stuck or lost. We just have to learn to replace the pain and negativity of the past with something more positive and that takes good old-fashioned discipline and elbow grease in dedicating a little of your time and energy to changing and healing.

Thank You God, for that was then and this is now, and in the now I am healed! 

The primary method the guides taught me in the very beginning of my healing quest was a simple but extremely effective truth affirmation that when repeated helped me to move out of the past. “Thank you God, for that was then and this is now, and in the now I am _____.” I would fill in the blank with whatever I was working on at the time, such as: I am happy! I am powerful! I am beautiful! I am love! I am healed!
“Thank you God, for that was then and this is now, and in the now I am healed!” Yes, I am healed! How good do those words sound? I am healed! Try that for yourself right now. Say “I am healed” with gusto and notice how good it feels throughout your entire body to state that. Much better than grumping around feeling sorry for yourself, isn’t it?
This statement could be the primary building block for your healing path. “Thank you God, for that was then and this is now and in the now I am happy.” Wow, does that ever feel good to state. Whatever it is you need to work on in order to heal, bring it into that statement and use it over and over and over until you believe.
Remember, healing can be tedious, but it will be the most rewarding work you ever do if you stick with it long enough to experience the results.  

Every moment is the divine order of our lives.

The guides teach us that we may never understand the multitude of questions we have about our lives until we are back in spirit. So instead of searching for answers that may never be found, we need to find a way to accept the events of our lives in order to move on from them.
A spirit guide once said to me in meditation, “Human is the vehicle, while spirit is the driver.” This told me that we have to accept our spirit as our individual driver and learn to give thanks for everything in our lives. How scary is that? Truly, these lives of ours can be very difficult, but if we are able to realize and acknowledge spirit’s presence, they become infinitely easier. 
Now it comes down to crunch time. Do you really want to heal your past? Are you willing to get to the point where you give thanks for your past in order to move out of it? The guides teach that everything happens for a reason, that each and every moment is the divine order of our lives. To accept this helps greatly in releasing the past.

How do I begin my healing work?

First, you have to decide you are worth it, because if you believe you are, even just a tiny bit, that tiny bit is a beginning!
I was stuck in my old childhood patterns for years and years until the spirit guides arrived to help and I am so thankful I dedicated my time to countless hours of meditation with them. Now, I understand a lot of people cannot see and speak with their spirit guides but that does not mean they cannot work with them, because good old-fashioned faith replaces the ability to see and speak with the guides. Knowing they are there for you is the first step. Everyone has personal spirit guides. Ask them for help and believe they are there for you, because they are. Learn to talk to them by simply talking to them. The trick is in the listening, but if you listen enough, one day you will find yourself effortlessly conversing with your own guides. 
Spend a few minutes each day in silence with your guides. This is a very easy habit to develop. Most people will tell you they cannot still their minds to meditate, but ask them if they can sit in the silence for a little while and they all answer “Of course!” So, sit in the silence and learn to listen to your guides. And keep at it if you don’t get results immediately. Let it become a habit and as you do, enjoy your time in the silence because it will quickly become your most precious time.
And don’t forget to familiarize with the spirit that you are. Go within and be with yourself until you get a sense of your own spirit and then love yourself for the divine being that you are. Remember, healing doesn’t happen overnight, but just a touch of love for the self goes a long way in fueling your journey. If you cannot love yourself in the beginning, try liking, because liking goes a long way also. If you don’t like yourself, who will?

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