The Native American Mystic Speaks

March 14, 2023
Chris Burnett

In meditation this morning I am transported to a Native American elder who holds out his palms to me as if in offering. The dense aura of mysticism surrounding him instantly captivates me, but my attention is drawn to his palms as he slowly moves them closer to his face. He blows gently upon them and through the wind formed with his breath a human life is created. Totally transfixed by the magic of this moment, I stand speechless as he begins speaking in a deep authoritative voice that seems to echo throughout time. “Within the breath that forms the life is the planting of the seeds that store within them the vision of the life to be lived.”

He blows another gentle breath across the person he has just created and life awakens in her eyes. “The seeds planted inside of her life vision are protected and supported by her breath, which is born of ours.” His words, transported with sheer elegance, flow into the magic of this moment and for just a moment I feel the astonishing love of creation. 

He ever so slowly closes his hands, palms together, and then very slowly opens them. I stare into his palms, once again transfixed, because in his palms is a vision of a young boy about five years of age and I have been given to see how much he has already absorbed and learned about life in his short span. Quite noticeable also is the marvelous curiosity and unshakeable joy for life that he still possesses. 

The elder explains that as the boy ages, starting from birth, his personal spirit vision slowly fades out as he transitions into the human being he is born to be. He says, “His spirit vision will forever surround him and through exploration he will always have access to it if desired. However, the outer search of the human is for love, a return to the love they were created from, a return to the glory of their creation.” 

He projects another vision of a Spirit in very high consciousness getting ready to birth a human. Drawing upon pure consciousness, the Spirit breathes into being a human. This human is set lovingly upon the Earth to follow the dream and vision for which she was created. Simply by walking her path, she will discover her life along the way. Never can she leave her path because her energy and her vision will not allow her to. She has only the vision of self to support her life as she was breathed into existence. 

I ask if she has decisions in life or are they already made for her?

He tells me, “She can make decisions only in the illusion of making them. Her energy will always attract the proper decision to her. Because humans have the need to express on a personal level, multiple possibilities are programmed into the thought process of their vision, allowing them the illusion of making decisions, but in truth, life paths have to be followed with no deviation. Their spirit vision will always make the proper choice.”

“Then what is our job here on earth if our lives are already mapped out,” I ask.

And he answers the same as God answered in one of the God meditations, “The lifting of the heart.”

I never understood that I tell him, because wouldn’t the lifting of the heart also be planned into the divine vision? The divine order of the path that will be followed?  Is that simply another illusion that we are lifting our hearts, lifting our consciousness?

He answers, “You can only act in the manner you were born to because your paths have to be followed. Your greatest victory will be to love life, to love your individual creation and your individual path. That is the lifting of the heart. Satisfaction of life and satisfaction of the vision given to follow; that is the lifting of the heart.”

That sounds to me like absolute acceptance of life and the path to be followed, knowing that each day my path and life plan will triumph and I cannot change it. 

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