Through Mother Earth and Father Sky I am United

March 11, 2023
Chris Burnett

Through Mother Earth and Father I am United

Through Mother Earth and Father Sky I am united. I repeat this in the silence of meditation until I feel the truth of the affirmation. But Grandmother, a Spirit Guide, who has joined me in meditation, has other plans for my silence. “Claim it Chris,” she says. “When you claim your truth through Mother Eartha and Father Sky, you are returning to the whole. When you claim that you are united, you are stating that you are whole, for you have claimed the truth that Mother Earth and Father Sky reside within. This statement is complete unto itself. Keep repeating it throughout the day as you make it your daily mantra. This will help you become whole again. Through Mother Earth and Father Sky I am united…one simple sentence that has the power to transform your life. 

“Your beliefs mirror your life. We would have you work with positive statements that reinforce the strength of your mind. We would also have you strengthen your belief in divine order because this will reinforce that which was written for you will always be present and is your true momentum.

“Though Mother Earth and Father Sky I am united” draws balance into the self every time it is confirmed. It draws truth and your right to be of service.”

As Grandmother is speaking, she suddenly changes into the persona of an East Indian guru. She says, “Proper knowledge brings order to the belief system, while improper knowledge may destroy it. People need to be careful of who and what they follow. In the light will never fail you. If your intent is of the light, then it is the light that will be returned to you.”

As Grandmother talked about the light, she actually turned into a giant ball of light. I could barely make out her form because was burning with such intensity. Somehow I come to understand that the intensity of the light protects her, burning away what doesn’t belong. 

“With proper intent you will reinvent with the light,” she says. Be ever vigilant of your intent as beliefs and intent go hand in hand. Go into the light knowing you are of service and that will serve as proper intent. Acceptance of what is meant for you in this life is proper intent. If everything you do is of the light, then that will take care of intent. It is not that difficult to change within the light. Be intent about what you want and then train your mind to accept it. Vigilance is the best teacher for the mind. Imagine your life and how it could change if you lived in the intent of the statement: Through Mother Earth and Father Sky I am united. Try it for a week, a month, a lifetime. It is your life, see what you can do with it.”

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