Spirit Guide’s Simplest Healing!

February 5, 2022
Chris Burnett

I am what my mind believes me to be! No greater truth was ever spoken. I am what my mind believes me to be. Therefore, if I desire change, then I will simply change what my mind believes.
Spirit tells us that the human brain is neutral. It does not care what it is fed. Feed it anything at all and it will simply go along with the program. However, if you want change, you will find that the most important time you spend each day is the time spent feeding your brain. I am what my mind believes me to be.

This is what the Spirit guides who appeared to me in meditation twenty-five years ago taught me. They came into meditation one day and announced that it was time for me to heal the trauma from early childhood. To this day, I still can’t believe how easy it was to change my stubborn life and beliefs, but only because I was willing to do the work to support the change.

Grandmother, my favorite spirit guide, along with a couple others taught me the power of affirmations. They taught me that I am what my mind believes me to be and that I will always be what my mind believes me to be. They took me into my core so I could understand how the trauma affected my core beliefs. They further explained how our core beliefs absolutely rule our daily lives. They made me understand that I didn’t want childhood core beliefs that resulted from trauma to continue to rule my life.

As a result of their working with me, I learned the insane power of affirmations and how easily they replaced the old, outdated beliefs that never let me move forward…that kept me stuck in childhood fear.

The power of affirmations lies in their truth. What works for me as an affirmation may not work as powerfully for someone else. Your body always, always responds to personal affirmations when they are your truth. So, when the spirit guides personally hand your affirmations to you, they are going to help you heal, as long as you are willing to do the work in claiming them as your truth.

For many years, I have said to others: “If I can change, anyone can!” I had so much healing and changing to do, but with the help of the affirmations that my Guide’s suggested, it was easier than I expected, but only because I was finally willing to do the work it took to believe in myself. I was finally ready to travel into my core and face what was there and do the work to replace it.

Spirit also taught me the simple fact that our brains are memory banks that store our beliefs. So what does healing truly break down to? Healing is about replacing the old beliefs with new ones, and the new affirmations repeated often enough become your new core beliefs.
The longer we hold on to experienced hurts, the more they become our beliefs and don’t let us move on unless we take the time to heal them through replacement and/or embrasure. Sometimes healing is just about being able to move forward again, one foot in front of the other.
The funny thing about affirmations is that they also have the power to bring up all of our “stuff.” Try convincing yourself that you are powerful. This simple affirmation will bring up everything in life that has convinced you that you are not!
But when we continue to power through our “stuff” with the repetition of affirmations, we shift the power into our present moment of new beliefs.

Working with affirmations is easy, even when it does bring up “stuff.” It is some of the most valuable work you will ever do and it will serve you for the rest of your life. I consistently fed myself the affirmations my guides suggested and within a few weeks, I couldn’t believe the positive change I was experiencing. Finally I had a chance of being consistently happy and this was around the age of forty. It is never too late! If you are alive, you can change!

Know that no one else is going to do your healing work for you. You are the only one who can do this. This is another absolute truth. You may seek guidance and understanding in walking your healing path, but again, what you accomplish depends on the work you are willing to put into it. Only you can decide that you are worth the effort to heal.

Affirmations are spirit’s promise to each of us that we can change if we so desire. It is spirit’s promise that no matter the life already lived, there is always hope. We just need to know what our core beliefs are in order to replace them. This is what my spirit guides did for me and continue to do for others in readings. Make no mistake about it. Our core beliefs rule our lives and in order to have successful change, they have to be changed.

Way too many “change” programs fail to ensure long lasting change and that is because they are not going deep enough to change core beliefs.
After all this talk about healing? You know we never really heal anything that happened to us? We cannot erase memories of what happened at any time in our lives. Events that need healing can be understood and replaced, but never really healed. We can change core beliefs to support a much better and happier life as we would define it and that is good enough to call healing,

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