Working with spirit is an incredible joy for me and was my dream for many years. It finally became my reality in my latter thirties when I buckled down and developed a disciplined meditation practice with spirit.

My goal with this blog is to hopefully bring a bit of understanding to others through communication with spirit. I happily share their wisdom that has always helped me get through life in an easier manner. That doesn’t mean my life has become easy…just easier. And every little bit of “easier” helps, doesn’t it?

On occasion, some of the information will come from my psychic readings, and if so, I always have permission to share, because all readings are confidential.

As you read this information, please keep an open mind to see what you might resonate with. Your truth thrives inside of you and pings when hit or awakened. So, tune in and read some of their wisdom and maybe you will gain greater understanding, a little more happiness, and possibly a bit of “easier.”

As for the famous who appear to do the interviews? All I can say is that they appear in very deep meditation space where the honesty and sincerity of the moment is never questioned.

Chris Burnett

Martin Luther King MLK is relieved by death instantly because the voice he brought in is no longer pushing him, no longer aggravating him into passion and aggression. He can now breathe easily without fear

You can heal! That is exactly what my spirit guides said to me when they unexpectedly appeared in my meditation many years ago to jumpstart my journey into healing. And because of an extremely abusive

A question I am often asked in readings is “Where’s my power?” Usually followed by “Do I even have power?” Do you have power? One thing I believe is that everyone has power of some sort.

“Do not be hooked on the word “enlightenment,” for it cannot be boxed. It can only be experienced for moments of time.”A spirit guide who wants to be called Leon appears in meditation this morning

Edgar begins our interview by projecting an image of his death where there were five thoroughly brilliant light Spirit Guides there to greet him as he easily slipped back into the state where breath no

People often ask in readings why they can’t meditate and how to fix it. What is the spirit guides typical answer? Quiet time! Yes, simple quiet time. And in their reading when asked by their