Am I Really on My Path?

February 5, 2022
Chris Burnett

“Am I really on my path?” A question frequently asked during readings, and usually with a healthy dose of disbelief and skepticism.

Too often we judge our lives to be mundane and boring, not to mention possibly frustrating. We cannot believe the life we are living is actually worth coming in for. It is true that the majority of us lead mundane lives, but that doesn’t mean there cannot be happiness and absolute feelings of worth.

The spirit guides teach that life’s value lies in our attitude. Yes, our lives are precisely what we judge them to be. This, I have personally learned and experienced from over twenty-five years of meditation and readings. It takes a lot of practice and hard work for someone like me to turn things around in order to bring happiness and acceptance into the life. And then it takes diligence to maintain the newly found awareness. Personally, I do this with a meditation practice. And yes, I still struggle in life, but a lot less than I used to.

Life can be tough at times. No one will argue that it can be a grind, but it can also be quite fantastic. It can be incredibly meaningful and full of love even when the grind is tough.

As humans, we are supposed to be caught up in our lives. That is why we were born with emotions, and we do love our emotional roller coasters, don’t we? The same for our bits of drama… most of us do enjoy them.
The majority of us are not living in ashrams or withdrawn from society, so the demands of daily life reach out and grab us, diverting our attention into all kinds of stuff and that’s okay. But when we begin to judge our life to be too harsh and of little value, something needs to change. We need an attitude adjustment.
I have found through working with the guides that it is easier and definitely better to accept my life and find a way to enjoy it. Spirit always says that we are in service in life-service to spirit. So why fight our path?

Whenever we fight anything at all, we are spending precious energy that could be used for something else.

Just recently I looked at how many things I have in my life that I love. Children and family are the obvious answers for many of us, but I also saw that I have my readings, meditation, and golf. All of these I love.
Sometimes when we stop to number how many things we have that we enjoy and love, it makes us realize how good our life is. When we have that realization, we then need to keep it in front of us with daily or weekly reminders so that we don’t forget. Life has a way of reaching out and diverting our attention so quickly that we forget the value we hold dear.

Some people might have that one big thing that they love and that is enough. The value of life is not found in numbers. It is found in awareness.

“Yes, you are on your path” is always the answer received from spirit when a client asks this question in a reading. But the guides will typically go into greater depth and detail in explaining why it is their path and why they were born to walk it.

They sometimes add in the conversation the fact that a human is not stronger than spirit and has not the power to change or get off of the path that they were born to.

My guides have helped me in understanding that no matter how I judge my path, it is my path and it will be followed. They have helped me to understand why I am here on Earth at this time. Does this make my life easier? Sure, because I don’t judge it or me as harshly, but I still have to watch that the daily grind doesn’t reach out and trip me up, making me forget my value.

This I do with awareness in daily meditation, but I still get tripped up by life events on occasion and when it does, I try not to judge myself harshly yet again. Rather, I go back to what I have worked to achieve…more peace with life through acceptance of my life’s path and the fact that I am in service.

Divine Reality…an excerpt from Spirit’s Handbook to Life by Chris Burnett

 The spirit guide I am working with says two words to me: Divine Reality.

Oh, I love those two words. What a twist on divine order and creating your own reality.

He says, “Your reality is the divinity of your life. There is no choice on Earth; there is only experience. But the human mind is built on individuality, which needs choice as an outlet and expression of ego. Ego does not follow rules well; therefore it needs choice to support it.

“Your energy, your mindset, the vision of your life? All of these given to you at creation effortlessly lead you along your path. There may seem to be a veritable banquet of choices set before you each day, but truly there are none.

“Humans love to play with choices though, and will juggle them about in self-pleasure, but only one choice will ever have the proper energy for you, therefore be the chosen one. There are no missed choices, no missed chances.

“What you require in life already lies beneath your feet. All of your dreams, hopes, desires and wishes that are supposed to be in your life are already there. Chasing someone else’s ideas of glory, such as creating your own reality, never works because your reality was created and given to you at birth.”

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