Do You Really Want Happiness?

July 5, 2023
Chris Burnett

Do You Really Want Happiness? 

Do you want happiness? Really? Because happiness is right in front of you and all you have to do is reach out and take it. So says Gerald, the most joyful spirit guide from the Pleiades, who first appeared to our meditation group a few years ago.
Every single time he appears, he joyfully announces, “Happiness is a habit!” And then asks, “What did you put into your happiness basket today?”
To this day, no matter how often I do or do not see Gerald in meditation, there is only one thing he talks about, and that is happiness. A happiness that every one of us may have by adopting a happiness habit he tells us. How do we start a happiness habit? By simply working it into each day because repetition is the most important key to any habit. 
I smoked for many years and every single time I picked up a cigarette I was supporting the habit and that is true for every habit we own. Now, Gerald is encouraging us to have a happiness basket and to support it every day by picking it up and discovering what might be in it. So, a new habit for me to support. I see my happiness basket in meditation each day and joyfully explore what is in it and some days I like to place something meaningful into it. 
My daily meditation practice became a habit over twenty-five years ago by practicing it each day. Now my meditation habit supports the newer habit of my happiness basket. Its amazing to see how much happiness there is in just knowing you have a happiness basket. It is also fun and sometimes surprising to see what I put into it each day or what is already there. 
So, has this happiness basket solved or healed my entire life? Has it made me the happiest person ever? Nope, but it sure has helped because it is making me focus on happiness, if only for a few minutes each day. But take a few happy minutes each day and add them up over a month’s time and you have just spent quite a bit of time practicing happiness. Imagine what it adds up to in a year’s time! And no, it doesn’t necessarily last the entire day, but every happy moment helps because they carry joy!

Another Gerald Appearance for Meditation Group

Gerald says: “Anytime we focus on a new habit, such as happiness, we have won that moment and secured a bit more happiness and confidence for the future. Building confidence comes from claiming the power in the present moment. When we claim happiness, we are using our power to do this, and as we continue to build upon these moments of power, we build confidence in what we are capable of. The same for all positive habits really, and what is more positive than happiness?”
As the weeks went by with my meditation group, Gerald continued to speak to us each and every week about how happiness is a habit. And like all the other habits that we pick up, happiness can be and should be at the top of our list. Happiness is a habit, so make a habit of envisioning your happiness basket and its contents. What is the first thing you would put into your happiness basket today?
Really, it is that simple. All you have to do is think of something that makes you happy and imagine it in your basket. Take the time each day to “see” your basket and imagine your happiness filling it, and if that doesn’t make you smile, what will? Remember the truth that we get out of something what we are willing to put into it, so the more effort we put into our happiness habit, the more happiness we will possess. Everything in life takes some kind of effort and if we want happiness, it right at our fingertips. All we have to do is make it a habit to reach out and take it. 
You may want to take a container of some sort and label it “Happiness Basket.” Tend to it each day and watch it grow along with your own happiness. And talk to Gerald when you are tending to your happiness basket because he has said he will appear to anyone who calls on him. He is a powerful and amazing spirit guide, who encourages us in a very kind, happy manner, and always with plenty of gusto and happiness!
As I write this article, March, 2019, I call on Gerald and he comes in. It’s been about two years since I first met him, but he arrives instantaneously. Always has and always will. Call on Gerald and know that he is there. Know his power and happiness. As he says right now, “Happiness is right in front of you. All you have to do is reach out, take it, place it in your basket, and it is yours. Do this daily and it becomes your happiness habit.” 

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