Pockets Full of Change

March 19, 2023
Chris Burnett

My journey of change started close to thirty years ago when Spirit Guides showed up in my meditation and told me that it was time to go to work. They told me that my life was mine to heal and mine to change. What a revelation that was. Here I was, in my latter thirties and had never figured out how to find that missing sense of direction and purpose in life, not to mention happiness for any length of time. And where was my power? I had no clue.

And suddenly, out of the blue the Guides show up one day are tell me that my life is mine to heal and change? They are telling me that I have pockets full of change and they will show me how to access them in order to change my life?

I must have been ready to listen because I immediately chose to work daily with these Spirit Guides in meditation. I chose daily to reach into my newly discovered pockets full of change and spend it working on me. 

Change is not magically easyknow that now, but change is magical. In fact, most people would say change is not easy at all, but it is easily attainable if you are willing to spend a few minutes every day working on it. 

One of the first things the Guides taught me is that I am what my mind believes me to be. This is an indisputable truth. I am what my mind believes me to be. Therefore, if I desire change, I need to change what I believe about myself. The easiest way to accomplish this is through changing the same old outdated newsfeed that I constantly send to my brain. 

The brain is neutral and doesn’t care what it is fed
. Feed it whatever and it goes along with the program. But if I desire change, then I have to care what I feed my brain, because I am what my mind believes me to be! This cannot be stressed enough because it is such an important piece in the process of change. 

I am what I believe myself to be and I most certainly believe that I possess the power to change. This is what the Spirit Guides first taught me, along with the fact that I do possess the power to change! They taught me to believe in my never-ending pockets full of change! They said that I could reach into them as often as I desired and never would they empty.

How did I access my pockets full of change? Quite simply is the answer, but it took daily discipline. If you are not willing to work on yourself for a few minutes each day, then your pockets full of change are not going to do you any good. Grandmother, my favorite Spirit Guide, once said to me that healing is as easy as you allow it to be or as difficult as you need it to be. Think about that for a minute. Healing is as easy as you allow it to be or as difficult as you need it to be. When she first said that, I had to think about it in order to understand its deeper meaning. Grandmother was telling me that I could keep it simple and use affirmations to move out of the past and into the present where change resides, or I could stay stuck in the past trying to change it, which would never happen because the past is written in stone and will not be changed. 

Life is better with affirmations. Working with the Guides, I quickly discovered that life is better with affirmations because they possess the power to easily change outdated beliefs. Change your beliefs-change your life! Does that mean my pockets full of change were full of affirmations? Well, that was definitely part of the change and certainly the beginning of what the Spirit Guides were teaching me. But the sought after change also represented new possibilities and ideas that I had to be open to. We cannot change unless we move out of the past and into the present, which leads into a more uncertain future that so many of us fear. Too often we are way too comfortable in the misery or complacency of our known life. 

Change your beliefs and you change your life. 
Look around at your life. Your beliefs are very easy to read by what goes on in your daily routine. Change your beliefs and you change your life. Simple? Yes, but guaranteed because your core beliefs rule your lives and while some of them are good, some are usually outdated and definitely need to be replaced, which is exactly what positive affirmations will do. 
People wonder why they don’t change when they have tried various methods or programs? The simple answer is because they didn’t go inside and replace the old core beliefs that rule their lives. And the marvelous part of using affirmations is that you don’t have to go back and dig up a past that you will never understand to begin with. You just have to replace it with positive affirmations and stick with them. 

Feeling stuck in life is very common. 
But being stuck is boring! It is stagnant. It reflects lives that are flat. So how do we unstick ourselves? How do we free ourselves and get our engines revving again? By now you know the answer! We move forward by reaching into our pockets full of change and spending them to better our lives because we all know that what happens on the inside is ultimately going to be reflected on the outside. Don’t we all desire change both inside and outside? I know I did, and still do. I still use affirmations every single day because life is better with affirmations! Mainly because they possess the power to bring us out of the past, which was the key in the healing and changing of my life. 

The past is a gigantic black hole. Grandmother Spirit Guide taught me that the past is a huge, monstrous black hole that sucked me in every time I looked back. She also said that it can be extremely difficult to heal or change unless we are willing to leave the past behind because our beliefs are so firmly rooted in our pasts. This is another truth that needs to be repeated. Our beliefs are firmly rooted in our pasts. I personally found that the only way I was able to climb out of the past was with dogged determination and grit, all spent on affirmations while working with the Guides.

Are you sold yet on affirmations? You should be because they are the easiest path to happiness, change and empowerment. I love affirmations because they are so simple and bring about such lovely change, but they do require work. Make no mistake about that. Affirmations bring up our “stuff” so that we can let it go, which frees us up to move into the present moment where new possibilities literally abound! 

The Affirmation of Change. What are the chances that someone is ever going to walk up to you and tap you on the forehead and say, “You are now healed, and everything in your life will be wonderful?” I believe the chances to be just about zero. No, from what I have observed in life, the only ones who get anywhere are those who believe in themselves. There are way too many of us who are truly puzzled by those who are seemingly full of confidence and able to stride out into the world and take what they believe is their due, while the rest of us struggle to get through each day, or wonder why we constantly fight the good fight but never seem to get anywhere. The difference, the Spirit Guides taught me, is the belief system. Some see obstacles, while others do not. Those who do see obstacles can be taught to remove them through affirmations. 
“Thank you, God, for that was then and this is now,” was the first of two affirmations I was taught at the beginning of my healing journey by Grandmother Spirit. I used it over and over in the healing of my disturbingly abusive childhood. I would picture scenes from the past, imagine them lit up with light, and say, “Thank you God, for that was then, and this is now, and in the now I am _____. Grandmother taught me to fill in the blank with whatever I was working on in the moment, such as “healed,” or “beautiful,” or “loving,” etc. What a magnificent affirmation this one is to remove the sting of the past and bring one into the power of the present moment. Did you notice those magical seven words, “into the power of the present moment?” This is where our power truly lies! Not in the past and certainly not in the future. Personal power can only be captured in the present moment! 

The second affirmation was suggested to me by Father, a Native American Spirit Guide who appeared in my meditation one day and showed to me a past life in which he was my father, hence the name. 

“In my breath is my strength.” By the hour I would sit with him in meditation and with each breath I took, I would repeat, “In my breath is my strength. In my breath is my strength.”

Understand that I was a newbie in working with affirmations and didn’t know what to expect, but I will tell you that I was shocked to see that within a couple of weeks I was suddenly feeling stronger and better about myself. It was incredibly enlightening to feel the power and change that these two affirmations brought about. I actually started to think of myself as a strong person. I came to understand that what I used to think of as my strength was actually willfulness. 

One of the interesting parts of working with affirmations is to watch how our body and senses respond to the truth in different affirmations. I might argue that I don’t believe an affirmation is for me, but my inner knowing will recognize the truth inherent in any given affirmation and believe on my behalf. And this will lead to change. 

Core Beliefs rule our lives. I am what I believe myself to be. Therefore, I am my core beliefs. One of the most interesting discoveries in the psychic readings where we dig deep and uncover someone’s core beliefs, is that so many people have no clue what their core beliefs are.  I discovered that I was one of them! But with the help of the Spirit Guides and the work we did together, I was able to look at my own core beliefs.

Childhood core beliefs can be developed as early as the birthing process or at any time during childhood. Because they come into being at such an early age, we become so used to them that we pay them no attention for they are very deeply ingrained, so deeply ingrained that quite often we don’t even realize they are there. However, if we desire change then we will learn to care about our core beliefs. And luckily, affirmations possess the power to easily replace core beliefs. 

You might ask if the core beliefs are so powerfully ingrained, how they can be easily replaced? Repetition of the affirmations is the answer. The repetitive use of affirmations will gently bring the core beliefs up and then with the continued use of the affirmations the core beliefs are gently and lovingly replaced. It just takes a little bit of time and patience. 

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